Custom Work Order Android App

Oil and gas company
UX / UI Designer
6 months
App Design (Tablet)

The Brief

Need: Client required a custom Work Order application

This is a custom Android App Design for a Oil & Gas Repair Company that wished to make the jump from paper work orders to digital.

He wanted the app to mirror his old paper work orders as closely as possible.

The app workflow, showing where each page goes from the menu and from the controls in the top navigation

Selected screens from the final, accepted design.

The Result

The client was delighted by the final design and the app was loaded onto twelve ruggedized tablets for phase 1 testing in the field

I adored working with the client on this project. He wasn’t shy about grabbing my wireframes or proofs of concepts, a sharpie, and marking them up.  Nor was he shy about going into MS Paint and correcting my workflow.  This went 8 total iterations from start to finish; this being the final, approved design.