Windows 8 Inspired App

UX / UI Designer
6 Months
App Design (Tablet)

The Brief

Need: Custom tablet app for use on a ruggedized tablet

This is the first iteration of a dashboard and application design for a cloud-based enterprise productivity suite.  The idea was to give the entire application a fresh design that catered well to both desktop and tablet apps.

Demonstration of how a customized dashboard would look for an advanced user.

Demonstration of how reports could look with additional filters in an off-canvas menu.

Demonstration of how a calendar search located in an off-canvas panel might look.

Graphical asset search by facility location

Graphical asset search by facility location, Google Maps view.

Asset details data entry screen with off-canvas panel closed on the left side.

The Result

While the reaction to this design was favorable, with the failure of Windows 8 to catch on, this design was ultimately scrapped for something more standard.